Hello, Welcome to WatchWinder.com.sg.

I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Henry, the sole founder of WatchWinder.com.sg. I’ve been in love with self-winding watches for at least half of my life. It got to a point when it was too much for me to be wearing all of them all the time.

And then they stopped.

It was a huge trouble trying to get them working again. And back then, watch winders weren’t really popular.

To get your watches working again, you’ll probably have to send it to someone to get it working again for you.

So I’m doing something different. I source for watch winders and ship directly to our store without middlemen.

This brings down prices by 30%. That’s good for you and also good for the environment.

Today, I have expanded my product range to include many other watch accessories.

I’ll have it delivered to you so you can save time and keep it moving.


Henry Hoe