Close-Watch: Why You Need a Watch Winder NOW


Women love accessories, so goes the saying “diamonds are girls’ best friend”. For gentlemen out there, your watches are the accessories that fit into that category.

And if your watches keep on failing you, then definitely you haven’t heard of this gentlemen’s secret to long-lasting watches: The Watch Winders.

What is a Watch Winder?

man-watch winder

GQ Magazine says that a man must own three watches: a tool watch for work, a dress-up watch, and a beach watch. And you can’t wear them all at the same time. This means one or two need to be back inside the boxes. Until it died a natural way of forgetting where you put it.

Watch Winder saves you from that horrific scenario. It is a device to help your watches not to be wounded while not being worn. Watch Winders simulates the movement of the hand, to keep the lifespan of your watches longer.

What’s the Science behind Watch Winder?


Watches have tendencies to malfunction or to stop working at the wall whenever they are seldom worn. Movements of the arm and the wrist wound the watch to keep it functional.
Watch winder wounds watches by making different wounding directions and it simulates the arm and wrist movement. The device is complex, yet it does a simple purpose: to help you not to wind your watch by yourself.

Why Do You Need a Watch Winder?

There are several reasons why you need a watch winder. Go make a checklist and if you answer YES to at least three of them, then definitely you need it NOW.

  1. You own more than two watches.

    There is nothing wrong with wearing two watches at the same time, but some will find it awkward especially if they do not complement each other. And it is unwise to left the others in your closet. Whatever you bought is an investment and you don’t want yours to be wasted sitting duck.

  2. You always forgot where did you put the last one you wear.

    Men are natural careless and forgetful. That is maybe a ‘manly’ excuse but it will cost you time and money. Watch Winder not just serves as a device to keep your watches running, but also a container to keep them safe. With Watch Winder, it is easy to locate your watches.

  3. You have the wrong time. (ITS EMBARRASSING)

    Whenever someone asks you for a time, you always give them the wrong number. Well, its because you own many of them, some start failing to do the job. And you don’t notice the reason why.

  4. You are not the ‘active’ type of guy.

    When you are not active on any given day, you tend to remove your watch to give your wrist a rest. This makes your watches to run abnormal.

  5. You love automatic watches.

    Automatic watches are prone to malfunction when they are not worn. Most of the modern watches of today need a certain amount of turns per day to keep them wound up to keep them performing.

  6. Your day is not complete without taking a glance at your watch collections.

    Not only the watch winder makes your watches perform at the topnotch, but it gives you a beautiful case where you can see them. You can display them in your closet or your living area.

  7. Your watches are damaged by dust

    Yes, dust damages the watch’s aesthetics and functions. Your watch has a small detailed mechanism that is very delicate. Watch Winder saves you from bringing your watch to the watchmakers and repairmen.


How to Use Watch Winder

It’s easy to operate Watch Winders.

They have a DC adaptor you can plug-in. If you travel with them, you can use 2 x D size batteries. What you need to give a thought is the TPD or turns per day that your watch needs. But no need to worry, since your watch comes with a manual where the specifications are written. You can also find these on the internet.


These are the few things you need to remember when using a Watch Winder.

  1. If your watch stopped, manually wind the watch first before putting it on the Watch Winder. It cannot wind a watch that fully stopped.
  2. Check first the TPD requirements of your watch. (See watch manuals)
  3. Put the watch by removing the foam cuff in the winder. Make sure that you put it in the center of the cuff. Flip the foam cuff, press it, and locked the strap of the watch.
  4. In case you don’t know your watch TPD requirements, set the winder into the minimum winding mode.
  5. Monitor the time for 48 hours. If the time is wrong, increase the number of TPD. If it is correct after two days, then you have the right setting

Can Watch Winder stress your watch?

This is the question that horologist has different opinions. But if both of the winder and your watch are original and legit, then you don’t have to worry about it. An automatic watch cannot be overwound whatever the case may be.

Other beliefs in a practical reason. Anything that is in continuous use will have a tear and wear in the future. So it is better to have your watch a rest by sitting idle.

However, there is a counter-argument to that. Watches are designed to be worn and used. So if winders are damaging them, then wearing them damaging them as well.
What can damage your watch are the faulty winders in the market. If you buy winders that are not trusted, then you can run into a series of problems like overheating, short circuits, inaccurate TPD, and others.

Choosing the Right Watch Winder

There is always a large choice of watch winders in the market. However, when buying one, there are things you need to check and consider.

  • Winding options

Make sure that the Watch Winder of your choice has 4 winding options. This means that the motor is at least capable of clockwise, anti-clockwise, and bidirectional revolution. These are the simulation options to maintain.

  • Turns Per day

Turns per day (TPD) is the minimum number of moves that your watch needs to fully wind for optimum performance. All watches have different TPDS. Consider first the type of watches you own. A standard Rolex needs 650 turns per day.

  • Number of watches you own

Just as mentioned, if you own at least two watches, you need one. Watch Winders have a different number of slots. Some of these are:


1+0 Black/Black Watch Winder

1+0 Black/Black Watch Winder

2+0 Bird’s Eye Maple Red/Watch Winder
2+0 Bird’s Eye Maple Red/Watch Winder


4+0 Black/Brown Velvet Watch Winder


4+0 Black/Brown Velvet Watch Winder

These are just a few of the options. There are also 2+3, 4+6, 6+10, and 8+12.


  • Aesthetics

Colors and the jewelry box are your personal preferences. Of course, these include your taste. But sometimes it is worth to consider the compliments to your watches if you are putting them in a showroom.

Buying from legitimate Watch Winder Store

While original watch winders can make your watch perform and prolong their life span, a cheap and imitation one can do great damage to your watch.

The problem is, fake watch winders are hard to spot especially when it is your first time buying. Only buy from a legitimate store of Watch Winder so you don’t have to worry much. They usually come with deals such as insurance and freebies.


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