10 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Automatic Watch


Like any prize possessions you have, you should always take care of your automatic watch. Besides timekeeping, your watch is your ‘best friend’ for all occasions. Being automatic doesn’t mean it is immune to malfunctioning.

Just like mechanical watches, automatic watches are prone to tear and wear. Whatever brand or price it is, watches are a very good investment. So, let us go straight on the things you need to do to take care of your automatic watch.

automatic watch


How to take care of your Watch?

    1. Avoid dropping or banging it, especially on a hard surface.

      No matter how shockproof the advertisement says your watch is, there is no single thing in this world that can last by continuously hitting pavements with such force. Learn how to make your watch a part of your body. This means you don’t want to hurt it, right?

    2. Wipe it every night

      A clean, microfiber cloth will do the trick. Dust and other small particles can damage the clock. Despite being water-resistant, watches accumulate moist over time so they need cleaning all the time.

    3. Remove watches before taking a shower

      Most watches are water-resistant, not temperature resistant. The hot and cold shower can damage the watch especially when there is a sudden change in temperature. Though design to withstand any harm, it is better not to expose it to the direct torture (just like the first mentioned).

    4. Have a regular service of your watch

      Treat your watch as a car by bringing them to the regular service center. What we do at home is basic care. Watch experts have in-depth knowledge from their years of experience in dealing with watches of a different brand. Never try to disassemble it when something isn’t right.

      Watch experts can diagnose the future problem and can give you valuable tips on taking care of your watch.

    5. Get away from magnets

      If you are not sure of the capability of your watch against magnetism, better to avoid it. Things like refrigerators, mobile phones, and speakers have strong magnetism. Magnets affect the winding of your watch and can damage the motors inside.

      Magnets cause hairspring coils together. The hands of the watch could either gain time or get stuck.

    6. Know the water resistance capability of your watch

      water resistant watch

      Each watch has a different level of water resistance. Some can only resist splashes water, some can withstand rain, while professional diver’s watch can go deep. Knowing and understanding the capacity of your watch against water can prolong its life.

      And bear in mind, it says, water resistance, not waterproof. Over time, the seal that makes your watch water resistance can be affected. But regular service can save you a lot of money from a repair or buying another one.

    7. Avoid long hours of sunlight

      Direct sunlight can make the color of your watch fades. Besides the aesthetic, heat and humidity can turn into moisture damage.

    8. Avoid chemicals

      Did you know that perfume can damage the watch, especially the leather straps? If you have one and you accidentally sprayed, immediately wipe it with a cloth. Many solvents can ‘eat’ away from the anti-reflective coating on the sapphire crystal.

      Cleaning products, cosmetics, and detergents can tamper the gaskets and the straps. Without realizing, the leather strap may be forming small tear due to the exposure.

      These last two tips are the most important tips you can get, so there is a need to elaborate on them.

    9. Get yourself a winder

      watch winder

      When you buy your watch, the store seller will often tell you that you must put back to watch the original box when you don’t wear it. Practically speaking, you should. This is to prevent any damage or dust from getting to the watch when you put them in your closet. However, there is a loophole in this one. Your watch needs winding, especially when you will not wear them for a long time.

      Watch Winders prolong the life of your watch by winding it. Most of the automatic watches need 500 to 800 turns per day (TPD). To be specific, always read your watch manual or research in the brand of your watch.

      Watch Winders are helpful tools to keep your watch at optimal winding conditions. A watch that is kept away in a box for a long time can be effected mechanically. The oil in the watch can dry up if the watch stayed dormant. To learn more about why do you need a watch winder and how it can help your watch, you can read here.

    10. The most important tip: WEAR YOUR WATCH

      man-watch winder


      Isn’t it ironic? What makes the watch wear and tear is also the answer to keep them at their top performance! Wearing your watch most of the time can give you a sense of responsibility to them. You are aware that your watch is dirty and needs cleaning. You are aware of when and where will you put them away.

      When you wear your watch constantly, you don’t have to worry about the winding time of your watch.

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